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I'm feeling curious, are you? The Mystery Behind

About The Mystery Behind Podcast

I'm feeling curious, are You?! Ever wondered what it was like before the tragic ending of Titanic? Do you find yourself being intrigued by the mystery of the unknown or are you just plain curious? Let me take you on my travels as I discover or should I say rediscover the passages of time and history in “The Mystery Behind”.

Come with me as I explore uncharted events that shaped us and bring you a step closer to experiencing it yourself! I will take you on my personal journey as I discover the world of history with a twist on the unexplained. Not only will these stories pique your curiosity but they will leave you with a sense of wonder with a twist on the unbelievable!

Enjoy the Show On Thursdays! 

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About the Host

Annette Thomas Profile Photo

Annette Thomas

Host. Producer. Internet Entrepreneur, Creator Of The Mystery Behind from The Digital Vibe Network

When you boldly stand up for your greatest treasure, then who can touch you? No one can get in your way. I had to learn that lesson the hard way, but it’s because of this that I will always fight for my greatest treasure: me. My dreams, happiness, goals, and all that are in between mean more to me than anything or anyone else. I have fallen in love with everything I do and the ways I express myself.

My podcast and what you see here are expressions of me and what I want my brand to convey. I want there to be no doubt about who I am and my commitment to it! My personal power is the power of self-expression. Knowing who I am and leaving a legacy of good intentions in this world is the power in the person who is me!

You are only as good as who you choose to become, and only as great as the legacy you leave behind. My greatest success is accomplishing both and doing so with excellence!